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I got to sit down with the man known as Macklemore before his show in Tempe last weekend. We speak about his new album going #2 on the charts, what his realistic expectations were sales-wise for the album, if he was scared of any backlash from the hip hop community when putting out the song “Same Love” and being vocal about gay marriage rights, his past battles with addiction and going to rehab, at what point he decided to take being a rapper serious in life, he also speaks about L.A. Reid flying to Missoula, Montana to try to sign him a couple of weeks ago, what it would take for him to sign to a major, being compared to Slug from Atmosphere, the influences Rhymesayers & Strange Music have had on what he does independently, how much of his actual wardrobe comes from thrift shops, and much more! Check out the entire interview!

Rockie Fresh sat down with Bootleg Kev and the R.E.D.Y. Set Radio crew! They spoke on his first headlining tour, how he came ended up signing with Maybach Music, which MMG artists he is closest with, and much more!

Waka Flocka stops by Deongello’s show to talk who he’s not messing with in the rap game, why he said he could never be with Rihanna, who would make a better president Gucci or OJ the Juiceman, Who he would Smash or Pass on and much more!

After hosting his concert, I caught up with ASAP Rocky backstage on Halloween to discuss the delays with his new album LongLiveA$AP when Schoolboy Q and Danny Brown busted into the room on some “F— yo interview!” type stuff! After that…things kinda got away from me…in a good way! Danny Brown shared a story about a groupie flooding his hotel room the night before (and being charged for it)…ASAP Rocky talked about partying with the homie Mally Mall the night before and getting high with his weed-smoking monkey…and despite ASAP Rocky’s feelings about the Illuminati and the occult, Schoolboy Q actually says he wants to be down with them! They clowned on everything…even my hair! This was a lot of fun…a dope moment in Hip-Hop for me and B. Rose to be able to share with you!

I got to sit down with the good homie Kendrick Lamar backstage at Powerhouse 2012! We speak on him doing crazy numbers for GKMC the first week, what his expectations were for the album, In retrospect how important it was for him to be on the Club Paradise Tour, the new joint with J.Cole “The Jig Is Up” and wether or not they will finally drop a project together, being the leader of the new wave of respectable Hip Hop artists, how to balance doing “Kendrick” type records and doing more ignorant stuff like the verse on “Fucking Problems”, How he feels about The Game sticking up for him in regards to the Shyne situation, where Sherane is today, how he feels about people calling the album a “Classic”, wether or not he is working on album #2 again, and more! Also included is video of Kendrick performing “Westside Right On Time” at Powerhouse 2012.

A.S.A.P. Rocky sat down with me, and gave his thoughts on Hurricane Sandy. He mentions not being able to contact his mother due to the power being down, worrying about his people while being on the other side of the country, and finally understanding what it must have been like for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. You can tell he is a bit emotional when answering this question, but the star is quick to show a very human side that we rarely get to see.

Shouts out to the Arizona Underground Magazine (formerly Tucson Underground) for featuring us on the cover of their magazine…It came out earlier this year, but since we did the interview sometime last year, we had forgotten about it…lol…it wasn’t until boss man Danny Brown sent us this that we even knew! Much love to everyone in Tucson and to the guys at Arizona Underground for putting us on! #RSFTTD

Last time Kendrick came and hung out with me, we didn’t get a chance to play my favorite game: Inside the Rapper’s Studio! Now that the world looks a bit different to him, I felt that it was very much in order! He discusses lots of things in his life leading up to his Good Kid M.A.A.D. City, including his first hip hop check, his first job, crushing on Stacey Dash, wanting to rap on J. Cole’s beats, still hoping for an Erykah Badu feature, and even making light of the B.E.T. Cipher spoof!. Kendrick reps the city of my birth, so it’s always love when he stops through! Keep shining, homie!

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West Coast legend and dear friend, Xzibit stopped by my station to bring us up to speed on what he has going on! After a 6-year hiatus from the rap game, he says “Hot cools off, but dope is forever!” and back in the swing of things with his new album Napalm. We also duscussed his new movie Seal Team S6 about the raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound, his beefs with Jermaine Dupri, Snoop, Dre, and The Alkaholiks, and where he stands with all of them. In addition, we ran through some Rapper’s Studio questions about his first love, his first job, and after all his years on Pimp My Ride, his favorite car! Feel free to share and post! X, much love, family!

Ramses Ja X Slaughterhouse

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Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Joe Budden, and Royce Da 5’9″ stopped by my show to talk about their upcoming concert, album, tour, and their propensity to burst into spontaneous freestyles. These are some funny cats…check it out!!!